Friday, December 13, 2013

Kmart and Sears Offers Free In Store Pick Up Program! Plus Earn Points as you Shop!!! #Spon @kmart @sears @innovativetalk


Need A Time Money and Time Saving Tip? Kmart and Sears Offers Free In Store Pick Up Program! Plus Earn Points as you Shop!!! 

Here we are less than two weeks before the big day. I don't know about you, but it seems that the closer it gets the more I struggles with time management I have!! How in the world will I finish my shopping in time??? Sometimes I would love to have a magic wand to make things more efficient!! 

Even though the magic wand is not going to happen, I have found one thing we can all do that is pretty much as close to that magic as it can get!! Sears and Kmart have made our lives easier!

Sears and Kmart offer in store pickup and you can earn more points while shopping. Both Sears and Kmart offer $10 back in points when you spend $59 and free in store pickup, letting you earn more points while shopping thousands of gifts online in the comfort of your own home before picking up your items in store in 5 minutes guaranteed (or whenever you're ready). 
With in store pickup you'll avoid lines, busy stores and the wasted time of walking down every aisle. The bow on top: You can have a friend or relative pick up your order and pay in store with cash, if you prefer. 

Now it's no question that you should do your holiday shopping at Sears and Kmart while earning more points and try the free in store pickup at Sears or Kmart but there's now a question of, what will you do with more free time over the holidays and your extra points? 

I'm going to go get my nails and hair done before that family gathering this weekend!!! 

To learn ore about this incredible offering check out Sears and Kmart!!!


"Presented by Mami Innovative Media, this is a sponsored post on behalf of Sears and Kmart. All opinions expressed here are my own.”

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