Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hasbro's Funny or Die Review and Contest!!


I had the pleasure of sharing and reviewing Hasbro's Funny or Die!! 
You also get a chance to win this awesome game!!!

I don't know about you but I entirely enjoy game night at my house!! My family and friends make it a point to get together and play games!! This encourages family time as well as just plain fun!!!

This is the first time that we played this game and have officially made it a regular. It took us forever just to get everyone settled down to learn the instructions...not because they are hard but becuase everyone thought they had to look at the cards first (the whole stack). That was just a riot in itself!! 

After we got started playing it was non stop laughing and fun!! Everyone gets a turn to use their cards to match phrases with pictures!! The person with the funniest phrase for the card wins the round!! The phrases that were connected to the pictures just were incredibly funny!! We played for hours!!!!!

Hasbro's excerpt on game:

Hasbro is joining forces with Funny or Die, the popular comedy video website, to bring you the ultimate in caption craziness with the FUNNY OR DIE game. Try to one-up your friends by matching outrageous photos and captions to create the best laugh-out-loud combo. Everybody votes on which is the funniest and which one must “die.” Players earn money for having the funniest pair and the player with the most cast at the end of the game wins. With hundreds of hilarious pictures and captions, the FUNNY OR DIE game will have players laughing till the very end.

Enter the raflecoptor below for your chance to win one of your very own Funny or Die Games!!! 
Make your house a Hasbro Game Night!!!! 

"Age: 13+; Players: 3-6; Available: Summer 2013; Approximate Retail Price: $14.99"

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18+ please! USA only! Deal Lovin Grandma is not responsible for prize shipment!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kids World Blogger Op!!!

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