Thursday, March 27, 2014

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SUDAFED replay
Spring time is officially here!! We have all anxiously been waiting for its arrival! 
Ahhhh...the warmer days, the flowers, the green grass……perfection!!
(no more snow pretty please!!!) 

 However,  the joys of Spring also comes with a price tag....Sinuses!!!
My Story
I have been a Sinus sufferer for as long as I can remember. I am a very outdoor
type person and cannot accept the fate of staying indoors suffering with sinus headaches on a beautiful day!!!
I can recall many times that those horrifying headaches kept me home from work or from just enjoying my family. One time in particular was worse than all the others.
I moved to Houston, Texas shortly after I married my first husband. It was a very long ways from my family in Lexington, Kentucky. After six years of being away from everyone, I finally was given a chance to go home to my Bluegrass state. 
  My mom worked diligently to plan an enormous homecoming party! Not only had her daughter been away for a while, but she had never met two of her three grandchildren! I was so excited. After driving what seemed like forever (19 hr trip), we checked into a hotel room for the night and would go to moms in the morning for the reunion. The next morning I woke up with the worst sinus headache ever. I sent my husband to the store to buy some over the counter sinus medicine so I can go on with our day. By the time he got back I was in so much pain I couldn't move.  I took the meds and sent him on ahead with the kids while I stayed and tried to wait for the medicine to work. Even though I did get a little relief, the headache did not go away. I managed to get myself out of the bed several hours later to meet up with the family. I was completely miserable. I missed out on enjoying a reunion with my family because of these debilitating sinus headaches. 
The good news with all of this is that it made me go to the doctor and get recommendation for medications that would work. The recommendation and the medication that worked was SUDAFED®! Since then I will not go without having a supply on hand for those unexpected sinus days!!! 

Do you have your own Sinus story to tell?

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just by telling your story of something you missed due to a sinus headache!


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