The Not So Glamorous Life of Teenagers 

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Those of us with children can remember every detail about the day that our little bundles of joy were born. It was clearly the best day of our lives as well as the moment of the biggest change in our worlds!!! We had seemingly permanent smiles and endless ideas of the accomplishments that our children would achieve in the future. Even through the sleepless nights and mounds of dirty clothes, diapers, and bottle refills we maintained that clear view of our future doctors and lawyers. Most of us can agree that the ups and downs between birth and the end of elementary school are the best days of parenthood. Mainly because kids tend to be the sweetest and most controllable. They absorb everything and are very eager to learn, love, laugh, and play. It is also quite certainly the most important time of parenting just because they are so apt to soaking everything in. So what happens when your adorable bundle of joy suddenly becomes the unruly, misbehaving, rebellious teenager....or worse than that ...... they become young adults and are labeled as a thorn in society's side. Today's generation of children are raised in many different ways. Society has relaxed on morals and on taking responsibility; which makes it very difficult for people to raise their children as they see fit. This meaning disciplinary measures, religious teachings and practices, etc. In addition, the normal family home seems to be made up of broken or non traditional family members. It seems that when a person becomes troublesome, the the blame is immediately pointed at the parent or guardian. I would have to agree that there are always some contributing factors, but can a parent really be the whole reason a kid has grown up to make some very wrong decisions? I have three children; all of which who are completely different. One is completely irresponsible and would rather starve to death that get up and work (age 22). One who has a great job and a new goal on a daily basis (age 20). And then there is the the teenager (17) who at one moment is going find the cure to cancer (and is smart enough to do so) and the next moment could care less about life unless pot is legalized. Mom and Dad Catching Teenagers Being Lazy As a parent, I have literally put everything I have into raising my children the best way I can. I provided love, care, responsibility, religious openness, lessons in loving others, and much much more. I have had to wake up to reality with my children and realize that no matter how hard you try...sometimes your best is not going to result as you would like. I would love to hear stories and experiences involving children and young adults. Ideas and opinions of society and why today's generation of kids are so difficult. Is is the blame of the parents? What should the community or society do different to change the new generation traits that have become so abundant and disturbing. 

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Substance Abuse- The Addiction that Affects Family, Friends, and Co-Workers


It is not without doubt that there is a huge number of persons that have been subjected to drug and/or alcohol addiction. It may be a parent, spouse, friend, child or even yourself. To avoid this becoming a formal paper I will not quote statistics. Due to the number of alcohol and drug addicts in the United States, I am sure that all of us are close to at least one person who suffers from an addiction.

The results of addictions can be devastating to everyone affected. Normally, the addict will lose everything eventually, but their love ones seem to loose more. In the past year I have seen more than my share of friends die at a very young age due to years of abuse. All of these people were functioning addicts who worked, maintained households, were social, and family oriented. Many people on the outside who knew them were not even aware that there were addiction problems. 

I picked this topic today because I currently have people in my life who are dealing with the effects of addiction. How do we even address it? If you even mention there is a problem then you are the bad guy. I have heard so many excuses, "I only do it _often so its really not a problem" or " I don't stay out of the house, I don't get angry, and I don't hurt anyone, so what's the big deal?" We all know how it goes and as hard as it is, there is not much we can do until they are ready to help themselves.

I'm not really going anywhere with this. Its just very hard to see the outcome of a problem like this. Even if doesn't hurt someone today, it will eventually catch up to the addict and ruin the lives of many.  If you or anyone you know are going through this, seek help or encourage help. It may cause some disruption but not as much if nothing is done!!!

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 I have seen more than enough news on the many shootings that we have had recently and even more than enough gun control arguments. The sad truth is that there is not really a solid guaranteed solution. I do know that society cries for help in situations like this so they can be better protected, and when we get more laws, more regulations, then society cries that the government is too controlling. Gun control solutions are a bit like drug control solutions. You can make a law to forbid the product but then it becomes popular on the black market. The product then becomes an illegal,dangerous, costly business. People argue that taking gun ownership privileges away would stop these shootings. But how hard will it be for someone to buy a gun off the street and still use it? That happens even today. My seventeen year old told me of three people he could go to and buy a non registered (or stolen) weapon for less than $300 cash. What is the solution to these problems?????? Maybe harsher punishments or more education. I believe in a better screening process for gun owners, but even then the best of people can snap at any given moment and do the unthinkable. I personally own a weapon. It is locked up very securely. I have no intention on using it for more then to protect myself or to go to a shooting range for fun. My conscience wouldn't let me even legally hunt. Either way, I like the idea of knowing that it is there if and when I may need it. My opinion goes back and forth on the solutions. There are so many ways around laws. No matter what the changes are there are always loopholes or a way to obtain what you desire. I pray often that this world will become safer and people would develop care and compassion. Honestly, everyone needs to come together and pray and work together to try do the best that we can to get through these times and make as many improvements as we can to help EVERYONE!!!!!!  I will never give up on good though!! Never!!!!! :)

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