Friday, October 25, 2013

NeoCell Prize Pack Giveaway!! Includes one (1) After Workout Recovery and one (1) Keratin Hair Volumizer!!!!


I have been given the pleasure of reviewing products from NeoCell. NeoCell offers quality products focused on anti-aging and exercise joint recovery!! I am very excited to be trying the Collagen Sport Ultimate recovery for after I kick-box. I also am very anxious to get started reaping the benefits of using the Keratin Hair Volumizer for shiny and abundant hair!!

Please see the Rafflecoptor below for YOUR chance to Win these awesome products from NeoCell!!

Timothy Mount, CN, CCMH, National Educator for NeoCell,  explains:

NeoCell is a leading anti-aging, exercise and joint recover company that specializes in vital collagen health. Collagen is important because after the age of 25 years old our collagen production declines, leading to the aging process. Since collagen is the main protein in the body that gives our tissues structure – such as skin, ligaments, tendons, bones, cartilage, and blood vessels – the loss of collagen affects overall health and wellness. For fitness enthusiasts a weakened collagen matrix in the body can lead to unstable joints and joint injuries, plus a decline in cardiovascular functioning. For health conscious consumers a drop in collagen can result in the wrinkling of the skin, thinning of the hair and nails, prolapsed of organs, and an overall drop in energy and mobility.
NeoCell’s Collagen Sport product is much more than a simple protein powder, it is a complete exercise recovery formula. Most protein shakes only contain a general protein source that aids in muscle recovery. However, Collagen Sport supports total body recovery by including 15 grams of collagen for joint strength in addition to a 15 grams of a high quality whey isolate for muscular development. We don’t stop there, we add in additional glutamine and BCAAs, plus a complete multivitamin/multimineral complex (including electrolytes). Finally, we are a natural health company so there are no artificial ingredients, no sugars because we sweeten with xylitol, and no lactose or gluten. There simply isn’t a more complete, premium recovery formula on the market.

A common issue in the fitness world is joint injuries or pain. That is because most people only supporting muscular strength gains without simultaneously building their connective tissue to handle the increased force applied to joints by larger muscles. Strong muscles with weak joint and connective tissues result in injuries. By taking NeoCell’s Collagen Sport a person will support both connective tissues and muscular development and guard against injury and pain. We have a great testimonial from Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison about her personal story recovering from a major knee injury weeks before the Olympics by only using Collagen Sport. 
I am a Clinical Nutritionist and teach Sports Nutrition at the college level. I constantly preach to my students that a good post-workout shake is far and away the most important supplements an athlete or fitness enthusiast can take. It would be difficult to piecemeal together a number of different supplements to get everything NeoCell’s Collagen Sport provides in one convenient powder. Simply mix one scoop in a shaker cup within 1 hour after a workout in either almond milk or water and enjoy all the delicious benefits!
For additional benefits or to assist the body with injury healing any of our best-selling collagen products can be taken in addition to Collagen Sport. 
Collagen supplements affect the whole body, so in addition to joint and bone strength, they will get the added benefit of smoother, younger looking skin and thicker hair.

RULES: 18 and over! US Residents! Winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond.
I was given like products to try and review!!
Deal Lovin Grandma is not responsible for shipping prize.

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