Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Garnier Olia Hair Color Review


I was lucky enough to be able to try out Garnier Olia Hair color!! My goal was to find the perfect shade and cover up some of those sneaky little greys!!!
I was very pleased with the fact that Garnier Olia has several shades to choose from. I chose the Dark soft mahogany which is most similar to my own hair color.
The instructions were easy to read and understand. Amazingly I didn't make a mess with transferring the contents of one bottle to another before mixing. The applicator was extremely user friendly and there was NO dripping what-so-ever. After I saturated my entire head I waited my thirty minutes patiently with no discomfort. The odor was slightly less than most color treatments I have tried but still had some kick to it.
After my wait time I rinsed out color and used the conditioner which was step 3. My hair felt very conditioned...more than it has in  along time.
After I dried my hair and checked out the final results...I was super pleased. The color was PERFECT!!! My hair had a very soft feel and a great smooth look to it. The best part....NO MORE GRAY!!!!
I have used a great many different hair products to color my hair. My biggest trouble I encountered was failed gray coverage, the feeling of dryness, and a dull look. Garnier Olia out did all the others and covered all the problems!! I am genuinely pleased and they have just won a repeat customer!!!

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